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        To assist IISD in responding to your feedback, please provide the following information in your feedback submission.

        1. Time and date of occurrence or of your submission
        2. Description of suggestion, event or compliant
        3. Contact information if you wish to receive a reply on the matter
        4. Preferred form/format of communication
        5. Additional comments that you may find relevant to your submission


        All feedback will be treated confidentially.

        If the feedback is provided in-person attempts will be made to resolve the matter immediately. If that is not possible, an employee may assist the individual in provided feedback or providing a specific, alternate contact to whom to provide feedback.

        If the feedback is provided in a written or recorded format, IISD will attempt to acknowledge receipt of the feedback within five working days in a format suitable to the submitter. If no contact information is provided in the feedback it will not be possible for IISD to provide acknowledgement of receipt of the feedback.

        The acknowledgement of the feedback will include any steps to remedy the issue outlined in the feedback and a timeframe for their completion.

        PDF version of this information available here.